Saturday, March 25, 2006


Some Epic Dream

Federico Fellini's Satyricon is one long gargantuan dream. An epic dream that I wish to make my home, among others. Every image is amazing & unique. It is a film replete with life & gorgeous men, particularly two brothers, whom at times appear to be romantically entwined. In this world men have younger men whom they take care of in all aspects. In this world no one is inhibited. If one is, one will quickly lose any inhibition as does one woman dancing an incredibly wild & manic dance. I first witnessed Satyricon in Mr. Nafus's film class in Austin, Texas. I was one of the few students that enjoyed it. My professor was elated. You must see this film in widescreen, it was meant to be seen in this format. The score is spectacular, being mostly minimal. A perfect film.


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