Saturday, March 25, 2006


"We have a winner!"

Hellraiser:Hellseeker is a refreshing surprise in this uneven series. Rick Bota, a great director, makes the most of his limited budget and weaves an intelligent horror/mystery. This sixth installment has Ashley Laurence reprising her role again as Kirsty Cotton, still haunted by the cenobites we see her plead with them to make one final deal with her. She is surely at her wits end and has become, more like her father and stepmother from the previous films. Although it seems she is not entirely 'evil', what she does is for simply her own survival versus pleasure. The film takes some strange and mysterious paths and has some interesting characters, in particular Rachel Hayward as Dr. Allison. The director commentary feature on the DVD is excellent, Bota explains all of the technical aspects of each scene. Hellseeker was shot in Canada and makes terrific use of its wintry landscape and atmosphere.


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