Sunday, March 26, 2006


"The cookbook recommends a touch more tarragon."

Rock Hudson and Barbara Carrera star along with Diane Ladd in Embryo, a 70's sci-fi movie about the perils of cloning. Rock Hudson bascially grows a female in his lab and she is well, a little spooky and quite brilliant. The perfect combination for a cloning experiment gone awry. At some point in the film, this spooky female clone called Victoria (Barbara Carrera), as in 'victorious' discovers she is aging at a highly accelerated rate. She is a genius, so of course she knows just what to do and does so without Paul's (Rock Hudson) knowledge. People began mysteriously dying, she freaks out in several scenes and eventually becomes desperate. And we all know what desperation can lead to, right? This is a film about the survival of the fittest and sometimes the fittest may be what you've cloned, so society beware.


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