Tuesday, March 28, 2006


"I've flipped out twice Cindy."

In 1990, I did a research paper on this case, I contacted a woman (Dr. Thelma Moss) from UCLA's former Parapsychology department she then gave me Kerry Gaynor's contact information. He was one of the technical advisors on the film. He graciously spoke with me at length and gave me intimate details regarding the case without revealing her true identity. I am very lucky to have actual 8X10 black and white photographs of the case: photos of her sitting on a bed (she covered her face in every photo). I have photos of her in a room with other people and orbs of light are seen in the air, I have another with reverse arcs of light in the room, another with an orb surrounded completely in darkness. He stated to me that he and his associates never actually saw her attacked, although they did witness a very bad stench, along with cold spots and a frying pan flying out of the kitchen cabinet. They had wanted to try something similar to the experiment which took place at UCLA in the film, but there was no budget for that. He mentioned many other personal things about the woman's family, that I guess I should probably not divulge here, but NONE of these things are mentioned at all or are they the traits of any of the characters in the film "The Entity". I will say that the character Cindy played wonderfully by Margaret Blye was actually psychic in reality. The film was carried exceptionally well by Barbara Hershey, she was Oscar-worthy (again).


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Melanie said...

I can remember you telling me the details of this way back then and I think I remember you showing me those pictures. I was very fascinated and at the same time very creeped out.


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