Monday, March 27, 2006


"You don't even wanna know."

The Christine Vachon produced SAFE is one of the few films I would have to call perfect, as perfect as a film can be. Julianne Moore (a friend of Todd Haynes) gives a breathtaking performance, she should have received an Oscar nomination. Todd Haynes is an amazing director and his film is groundbreaking. Although I have read it was a satire on affluent suburban housewives & their vacuous existences, it is also dictates a strong environmental message. People with EI (environmental illness) do exist and as is stated in the credits of the film, information was received from The Center for the Chemically Injured (somewhere in Texas I believe, no surprise, with all of the refineries). The supporting cast are excellent, Jessica Harper (from Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA), Mary Carver and James LeGros to name a few. Pay attention to this film, turn up the volume as there are some subtleties that will be missed if you do not listen closely. Ed Tomney's score is mesmerizing.


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