Monday, March 27, 2006


"It's mother is inside the park!"

Jaws 3 by far the best of the Jaws sequels was originally intended to be viewed in 'gimmicky' 3-D, which will explain some of the bad and useless shots. The cast is good with Lea Thompson, Louis Gossett Jr., Bess Armstrong and Dennis Quaid. It takes place inside Sea World which gives the film plenty of action horror sequences to bite (ouch) into. The characterizations are good as well with these capable actors. Although now some of this films special effects have withered and not withstood the test of time. In particular, the climax in which the shark collides through the glass water station is dated. But, despite its weaknesses this film is definitely worth adding to your film library. It also features a nice score and two life-saving dolphins.


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