Monday, March 27, 2006


"I hope you die!"

Creepshow stars the late great Viveca Lindfors and E.G. Marshall with Adrienne Barbeau. I am only commenting on the two stories I enjoyed the most. The Viveca Lindfors piece is really fun and she is very good in her role as the bitter daughter coming home to claim her share of her father's estate along with her other siblings already waiting for her at their mansion. This story has their difficult father rising from his grave to wreak havoc on them. The other favorite stars E.G. Marshall as a spineless tycoon. He is virtually a prisoner in his space age highrise, everything is perfectly clean, he wears gloves, is overly concerned with germs and spends much of his time battling an ever increasing roach problem. A truly cold hearted person, his telephone calls with an angered woman are quite funny. This vignette is scored with a fantastically menacing electro-tech sound and is not for everyone as it does involve literally hundreds of roaches. And they do win their war on him, making the woman and I am sure many others very happy.


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