Sunday, March 26, 2006


"A slice of orange peel..."

This film is based on a true happening. Believe it or not. A fabulous Joan Collins epic. She is glamourous and fabulous as usual as is most of the other cast, Pamela Susan Shoop(Halloween 2), Jacqueline Scott(a Twilight Zone episode, etc.). I personally love the characters in this B-film and how they introduce them to the audience. I happen to also enjoy some of the dialogue. Although this film depicts a group of people traveling to an island to view some 'shoddy' land for sale, the real occurrence was actually a bit different. How do I know this information? None of your business. Many decades ago a certain entrepreneur was looking for an island to build a grand resort. This certain someone came upon this land which happened to be owned and operated by a government organization(not U.S.). From the information I was privy to, the story goes like this: The person and their associates came upon the land unannounced, the owners were none too pleased. As this certain organization was conducting genetic experimentation on certain organisms. Apparently, they had mutated a strain of Carpenter Ants, and grown about the size of a Volkswagen Bug. They were having to restrain the ants just at the time the unwelcome visitors arrived. The ants were attached to ropes, like cattle. Just as it always happens in 'the movies', the experiment was a huge disaster. According to my source, the group of ants attacked and killed several of the scientists, the remaining scientists,authorities and land surveyors escaped unharmed in their helicopter and boats. No one ever returned to this island and of course, no one ever informed or spoke about it publicly. I have pressed my source for the whereabouts of this island but up until the time of their death, they would would never disclose the exact location. Although I have my suspicions, due to some other personal information I have about this individual.

So, as you can tell, the movie version is quite different and never makes any mention of it being based on a true account.
The only reason it was made into a movie is because one of the land surveyors took up screenwriting after it happened.


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