Sunday, March 26, 2006


"Touch me or I'll find somebody who will!"

One of those great 70's horror pictures, The Legend of Hell House is one of a few effective haunted house films. A British production with just the exact amount of sinister mood and limited blood, although its gore is not the most masterful one has seen on screen. It stars Roddy McDowall and Pamela Franklin whom you may have seen in the 1961 haunted house epic The Innocents. The story of a haunted mansion is told quite originally, the use of a giant machine is used at some point to 'suck' the spooks out as well as the usual channeling and of course making love with a mean ghost, which I am sure some of you have done before. The group of four people are being paid to spend one week in this malignant home, an aspect which was probably stolen from "The House on Haunted Hill", ok so that is the one soiled idea. This is a true 'haunted' classic and the cast in particular McDowall and Franklin are fitting for their heavy roles. On another note, the minimalist score is stunningly unique and unsettling.


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