Sunday, March 26, 2006


"Have you no soul!"

Carnival of Souls (The Criterion Collection DVD) is undoubtedly a classic in spooky horror. Mary, played earnestly by Candance Hilligoss is running from apparitions most of the film and going back and forth from this world to somewhere in-between. She takes a job as a church organist (she simply plays for pay) and moves away from her town after she has a deadly car accident in which all of her friends perish, except for her. She rents a room from the great Miss Thomas (Frances Feist) and everything begins to fall apart. Perhaps one of the most interesting characters in this film is Miss Thomas, played seemingly wonderfully by Feist. She is given plenty of great dialogue to act with and is quirky. But sadly, her character only has three scenes. The score is mainly great spook-inducing organ music, fitting for any stormy afternoon.


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