Monday, March 27, 2006


"Dangerous to touch now, terribly dangerous."

Wes Craven directed this great made for TV film. It stars Susan Lucci, Joanna Cassidy and Robert Urich, along with Soleil Moon Frye. The film concerns a tight knit community in which an exclusive Spa is seemingly the source of everyone's happiness and pleasure. Once you become a member, you are one for eternity. Susan Lucci is essentially the devil or demoness, would be a more appropriate description. This film is fantastic fun and Susan Lucci has some wonderful dialogue to play with. It's interesting to see Joanna Cassidy as she has a slight accent (I don't believe it was her character's), I am unsure where she is from, but in her later films you do not hear it. Towards the end this film becomes quite hilarious, particularly when Soleil Moon Frye's evil twin is attacking Robert Urich's character. In addition to that seeing Joanna Cassidy playing the piano maniacally is very nice. This is a superbly done over the top B-film that fortunately doesn't take itself seriously.


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