Saturday, October 27, 2007


We had a quick quick chat with L.A.'s writer and producer Claudia Lonow. Just what has she been up to since her acting days on the grand night-time soap KNOTS LANDING? We chitty-chatty bang banged about her friend the "great stage actress" Martha Plimpton and about her L.A. home which is adorned with comic book posters. Here is the rest of the interview (she has a bit of a mouth on her, like Diana) -

We are now sitting outside on a filthy street corner in LA, she has just taught me the proper way to order a Starbuck's Skinny Latte- It is pronounced LAAA- tay- tay, get it? You say it now.

MFF: Claudia what have you been doin' since the great Knots Landing?:
CL: Well, right now I am consulting producer on a new Fall season pilot called CASHMERE MAFIA (Lucy Liu). I also created another show that is yet to be released on DVD titled RUDE AWAKENING. As far as acting goes, I just am too busy as a writer to go back to acting.

MFF: So we will never see you do another 'eat and run' appearance on a Knots Landing reunion?
CL: Definitely not.

MFF: Are you in contact with anyone from the cast of Knots Landing?
CL: The only person I talk to really occasionally is Michelle (Lee).

MFF: Did you ever have a bad experience on the show?
CL: Of course. The episode where I danced with Michelle Lee in a leotard was horrifying. I was still a teenager and my weight was beginning to become an issue, but I had to do it. On top of that I was ill with a cold. Actors can never be out sick.

MFF: How did you find out your character was going to leave the show?
CL: They just told me my contract was not being renewed for next season. That was really difficult. When you are on a show that long, it becomes a family. It was hard.

MFF: I think many people believe that actors on television are all financially secure. I know now that this is just not always the case. On your myspace page you refer to LA and it's "rich douchebags".
CL: I am not rich in that sense, LA has another level of rich douchebaggery to it that is way beyond me.

MFF: Do you drive a Toyota Prius (one in every color)?
CL: Of course!

I miss Diana Fairgate!

Thank you Claudia. Everyone watch CASHMERE MAFIA!
bye bye now.


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