Tuesday, March 28, 2006


"They call it Love."

An old and fantastically lit film, with an addicting score. William Shatner is perfect in the role and a wonderfully eccentric human being (as you will find out if you choose to listen to the DVD commentary). INCUBUS definitely has the rare (nowadays) ability to transport the viewer to another time. The location is perfect, being shot in California's Big Sur Park. It is subtitled in English being filmed entirely in Esperanto, the only film of its kind in existence. The very handsome Milos Milos plays the incubus summoned to exact revenge on a man who is 'too good and noble." The infamous Incubus curse is discussed in detail on the film's two commentary tracks. As it is told tragedy befell several of its stars, including Milos Milos who committed murder and then suicide. A once forgotten film.


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